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Maddie Ziegler Dance Moms Fun Facts!

  • The Dance Moms girl’s Fan Address is PO Box 489 Murrysville, PA 15668
  • Maddie thinks life before Dance Moms was more fun because she got to hang out with her friends more and life was less stressful
  • Maddie does not like to wake up early but she usually wakes up around 7am or 8am
  • It only takes her 15 minutes to do her for dance because she wears it in a bun
  • Maddie has not watched an episode of Dance Moms in season 4 because she says she lives it so she does not need to see it
  • RGDance will be featured in season 3 of Dance Moms
  • Maddie never lets her mom do her makeup and has learned how to do her makeup from youtuve videos
  • All the money from the meet and greets go to charity
  • The moms watch all the rehearsals in the upstairs room just for the show
  • Maddie and Chloe model for Glitzy Girl
  • there are 3 boys in the ALDC company
  • The girls get their clothes from A&F, Sally Miller, Charlotte Rousse, AE, Hollister, and Purple Pixies
  • Maddie won the Junior Scholarship at the 2012 ALDC showcase
  • Maddie has an IMDb and a Staree
  • Maddie and Chloe couldn’t go to the Joffrey summer program because they were filming for Dance Moms
  • Maddie likes to do make up tutorials
  • Maddie is strongest in Tap
  • Maddie and Mackenzie are really close
  • Melissa and Christi are very close in real life
  • Maddie’s music skipping in season 2 was just for the show and she was not actually being judged during that performance
  • Maddie dances everyday
  • Maddie, Mackenzie and Brooke take singing lessons at ALDC
  • Maddie and Mackenzie have braces
  • The dancers have to perform all the dances for Dance Moms twice, once for filming and once for the judges
  • She likes to watch “Jesse” and “Shake it up”
  • Brooke Is Maddie’s best friend
  • Chloe, Maddie, Nia, Paige and Brooke are en pointe
  • Maddie won the Junior Scholarship from ALDC in 2012
  • Maddie had 8 callbacks for the Broadway show Billy Elliott, however if she went on Billy Elliot she could no longer participate in Dance Moms because she would be considered a professional dancer.  Professional dancers are not allowed to compete at dance competitions.  (Abby Lee Miller stated this in an interview)
  • Melissa Gisoni’s Birthday is June 13
  • Maddie wishes she could live in LA
  • Greg Gisoni has 2 patents for a Bi-directional keyboard interface circuit and a Smart sensor system for diagnostic monitoring
  • Producer, Bryan Stinson used to be a theme park performer at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Bryan was also a host for Nickelodeon live shows for 10 years.
  • Maddie Ziegler was awarded a full scholarship to the new all ages Mia Michaels/ Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive.  The Ballet scout from Joffrey was Brian McSween.
  • The Dance Moms girls use Swarovski crystals on their costumes
  • Melissa’s favorite solo of Maddie’s from season 1 of Dance Moms was Angel
  • It took Melissa and Kelly Hyland over 4 hours to stone the bras for Fantastic and used over $100 worth of rhinestones
  • The best advice Maddie says Abby ever gave her was “to enunciate her words”
  • Dance Moms couldn’t air the dance “Rag Dolls” because of copyright issues
  • Maddie used to attend Harrison Park Elementary school
  • Gianna choreographed Maddie’s solo “Angel”
  • A lot of the music featured on Dance Moms is produced by We3Kings
  • The Dance Moms girls miss about one day of school a week during season 2 of Dance Moms for filming
  • ALDC did a dance named “Where have all the Children Gone” in 2008
  • The Dance Moms girls model for Creations by Cici Costumes
  • The Dance Moms Girls take tumbling classes two times a week at ALDC
  • Maddie dances in her sleep
  • Melissa Ziegler’s family calls her Bubby, and she went by Missie in high school
  • Maddie’s middle name comes from her cousin Nicole who was the first person to hold her after she was born, Maddie was the first person to hold Nicole’s daughter Natalya
  • The Dance Moms girls got to meet Nick Jonas at his show “How to succeed in business without even trying!”
  • Maddie, Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland have had a trio since they were 4 and have always placed 1st overall except for one time during season 2 of Dance Moms
  • Maddie’s aunt is Renee Sulo Burkey and she has a Twitter, Renee is a hairdresser and taught Maddie to french braid!
  • Maddie’s cousin is Nicole and has a Twitter
  • Maddie Ziegler will appear in the music video for Cry by Alexx Calise (She danced to this song in season 1 of Dance Moms!)
  • Maddie and Mackenzie called their grandmother Bopcha which is Polish
  • Melissa and Kurt Ziegler owned a mortgage company, Custom Mortgages Inc in Jeannette, PA
  • Maddie and Mackenzie’s favorite animals are dogs, monkeys and zebras
  • Pretty much everyone one qualifies for “nationals” it is not a big deal
  • They went to multiple other “nationals” other than the one in episode 11 season 1 of Dance Moms
  • Neither the Dance Moms nor their daughters are paid to be on the show.  The Dance Moms girls cannot be paid for the show because if they were paid they would be considered professional dancers and could not compete in dance competitions (From Christi Lukasiak’s twitter and Abby Lee Miller Interview)
  • This is another dance from Abby Lee Miller Dance  Company, costumes look familiar?
  • Mackenzie  Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler and Paige Hyland all go to the same school
  • Maddie had to have a new shelf built for her crowns
  • Mellisa’s maiden name is Sulo
  • Abby Lee Miller and Cathy Stein from Candy Apple Dance Center were friends before the show started
  • All the Dance Moms girls have iPhones and iPads
  • Audra Adams is the girls’ tutor who travels with them when they miss school and all the girls get straight A’s
  • Gianna Martello is the assistant that is frequently in the show
  • Abby Lee Miller and Kurt Ziegler went to high school together at Penn Hills High School
  • Maddie has won 10+ crowns
  • Chloe beat Maddie 3 times before the show started
  • Maddie’s Biggest trophy is from being Little Miss Starbound
  • Brooke Hyland and Chloe Lukasiak are straight A students and all Dance Moms girls are high honor roll
  • Chloe Lukasiak wants to be a doctor
  • Melissa Ziegler and Kelly Hyland danced when they were kids and Holly took dance classes in college
  • Maddie made it to the final cut of livetodance and got three gold stars
  • Mackenzie’s middle name is Frances
  • Maddie and Mackenzie love Justin Bieber and Maddie has a life size poster in her room.  Maddie also likes Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez
  • All the dance mom girls went as themselves for Halloween except for Mackenzie who was a mouse.  Melissa was a cat
  • The Zieglers’ dog’s name is Molly and is a CorgiMolly Ziegler- Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler's dog
  • The dance moms girls are fans of the Steelers and the Penguins (I am too!!!)
  • Mackenzie is in the 3rd grade and Maddie is in 4th
  • The girls dance 3.5-4 hours every night and 12-18 hours a week
  • The ALDC showcase is held at Shadyside Academy in Fox Chapel in the summer
  • Maddie only missed 12 days of school last year 2010-2011 for dance and has a tutor to make up for it
  • Mackenzie’s birthday is June 4th
  • Maddie’s favorite store is abercrombie
  • Melissa used to work at the studio to help pay for danceMaddie Ziegler- Dance Moms
  • Maddie has 2 stepbrothers and a future stepbrother and stepsister
  • Maddie started private lessons at age 4
  • Maddie loves to watch ballroom dancing
  • Melissa’s middle name is Ann
  • The show was originally going to be called Just Dance
  • Abby Lee Miller never did the pyramid rating scheme of the dancers before the show
  • The cast of dance moms does not know what will be on the show until it airs on television
  • The Ziegler’s used to have a Yorkie named Gucci
  • Melissa  used to live in New Holland, PA and graduated from Garden Spot in 1985; She used to take Gymnastics in Reading, PA
  • The girls go to ALDC 6 days a week when filming and 4 days a week when they are not filming
  • Melissa used to work at Mellon bank and teach aerobics in Lititz

Melissa and her fiance Greg Gisoni

Melissa and Greg Gisoni Dance Moms

Melissa Ziegler High School Pics

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