Dance Moms Season 3

Dance Moms Season 3 Awards

Season 3 Episode 1- In10sity Denver, CO

Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-Don’t Leave Me

Maddie won a full scholarship to In10sity and $100

Junior Small Group Division

1st Overall-Angels and Demons

Season 3 Episode 3-In10sity Youngstown, Ohio

Junior Small Group Division

1st Overall-Red Carpet Special

Season 3 Episode 4- Dance Troupe-Greensboro, North Carolina

Duet-trio Highest Scores Level Two

1st Overall-Sugar N Spice

Overall Junior Duet/Trio

1st Overall-Sugar N Spice (winning $100)

Costume Award Duet/Trios

Sugar N Spice

Small Groups Highest Scores (Level 2)

1st Overall-Voyage Home

Choreography Level Two Group Award

Voyage Home

Season 3 Episode 5-In10sity Woodbridge, VA

Junior Group Division

4th Overall-Arabian Nights

Season 3 Episode 6-On Stage America-Voorhees, New Jersey

 Advanced Junior Small Group

1st Overall-Pink Lemonade

Season 3 Episode 7-Star Power Wild Intensive-Detroit, MI

Junior Group Division

3rd Overall-Avalanche

 Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-Quicksand

Season 3 Episode 8-In10sity Dance Competition Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Money is the Root of all Evil

Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-You Don’t Know me

Season 3 Episode 9-

Season 3 Episode 9-Dance Expressions St. Louis

Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-Showing you my Heart

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Beautiful Day

Season 3 Episode 10-Expressions Dance Competition Bernardsville, NJ

 Junior Solo Division

2nd Overall-Lifeline

Junior Group Division

2nd Overall-Your Dream will be my Dream

Season 3 Episode 11-In10sity Dance Competition Minneapolis,MN

Junior Solo Division

2nd Overall-Uphill Battle

Junior Group Division

7th Overall-Don’t Ask Just Tell

Season 3 Episode 12-Powerhouse Dance Competition Cincinnati, OH

Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-Breaking Down Walls

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Rosa Parks

  Season 3 Episode 13-Dance Expressions Grand Rapids, MI

Junior Duet/Trio Divison

1st Overall-Run from Mother

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Gold Digger

  Season 3 Episode 14-Energy Dance Competition Hyland, MI

Junior Duet/Trio

2nd Overall-We Beleive

Junior Small Group

2nd Overall-Return to Grace

  Season 3 Episode 15-Powerhouse Dance Competition Philadelphia, PA

Junior Solo Divison

1st Overall-I’m Trying

Junior Group Division

2nd Overall-Free the People

  Season 3 Episode 16-Energy National Dance Competition Youngstown,OH

Junior Solo Division

1st Overall-Maybe They’ll Change

Miss Energy Junior

Season 3 Episode 18-The Masters of Dance Arts New York City

Junior Group Division

2nd Overall-Runaways

Junior solo Division

1st Overall-I’m on my way

 Season 3 Episode 22-The Masters of Dance Arts

Junior Duet/Trio Division

1st Overall-We’re Alright (Maddie and Chloe

Junior Group Division

1st Overall-Bad Girls

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